Hereís How It Works

You donít have to be a good bowler, or even know how to bowl to help raise money for Canine Cancer research. The key to success is PLEDGES. Simply ask your friends, co-workers, and frequently patronized businesses to make a pledge. You will be surprised at the positive response you will get if you just ask. In order to secure a lane your team needs to raise a minimum of $500. Of course exceeding that minimum is highly recommended! Pick a team name, you can name a team in honor of a dog you have lost to Cancer or after a business, or anything you like. Also pick a team captain who will lead your team. There will be a best team t-shirt contest on the day of the event, so get creative! Or you can wear a business t-shirt to represent your company, itís up to you.

Teams should consist of 4 to 6 bowlers per lane. At that rate, you are raising $125 to $83 per person! You can do that!

Use your custom created page to reach your goal, the better it is, the more traffic you get and the more donations you can secure. Post it to your Facebook, add it to your email signature, or even Tweet it to your followers! ALL pledge money raised will go directly to fund research grants to help find treatments and cureís for Canine Cancer.

Checks should be made out to The National Canine Cancer Foundation or The NCCF. Online collections and donations to your page go directly to the NCCF, so there is no need to handle large amounts of money by yourself.

In order to secure a lane your team needs to raise a minimum of $500. Teams that reach $1000 receive special recognition.

Helpful Hints

Work As A Team: Ask relatives, neighbors, and friends to help you find sponsors. Set up a team page on our website

Make Your Page Interactive: Post pictures or video of your team! Who is bowling, and Who are you bowling for? Let people know, get creative and have FUN!

Set Goals: Establish how much money you would like to raise and donít stop until you attain it! Team pages are very easily shared online and through email, there is no limit to how much you and your team can raise. There will definitely be some friendly competition between participating teams to see who raises the most and YOU can help your team earn this yearís bragging rights!

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